Poirier v McGregor: UFC 264 Debate | Darren Till, Dan Hardy, Nick Peet, Adam Catterall, True Geordie

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It's nearly time for UFC 264 and the third fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor.

We've assembled Darren Till, Dan Hardy, @True Geordie , Adam Catterall and Nick Peet to break down the biggest fight of the year and one that could have huge implications for the UFC and the lightweight division.

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Muhammad Akram
Muhammad Akram 13 күн мурун
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor 14 күн мурун
we want more true geordie
Murad Gerad
Murad Gerad 14 күн мурун
How did I find this after the fight?
Atrainace 14 күн мурун
Dan Hardy trying to sell those wolf tickets for the UFC and still he gets canned. He can't really believe that garbage thats coming out of his own mouth. I swear no one gives Dustin the respect he deserves. I'm sorry but nick as well is in to much of a bromance with Conor.
Wildman Jenkins
Wildman Jenkins 16 күн мурун
Think big Geordie Gary needs some new jeans looking a few sizes too small 👖
Alexander Sankey
Alexander Sankey 17 күн мурун
Brian was amazing, this dude stood in a room a professionals and stood out as the most correct in his assessment of the fight.
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson 17 күн мурун
A more ambitious crossover than Avengers Endgame. Can't believe I didn't see this until after the fight finished. Get Till and True Geordie on as regulars. BT is killing it with the UFC coverage as has been the case for ages now.
Jude Ake
Jude Ake 18 күн мурун
BT better bring back True Geordie, he was the most accurate with his prediction, people hate him cause he’s a KGglobalr. (Edit) Geordie should bring his production and camera team to these BT Interviews, these shaky cameras aren’t it, and put a round table and some chairs in there.
jim jones
jim jones 18 күн мурун
Brian was sensational on this
Jack Che
Jack Che 18 күн мурун
What did Till say? 30:57
g00dGuY34 18 күн мурун
whyd they stand around for an hour. Get them some bar stools or something lmao
Carl Fernandes
Carl Fernandes 19 күн мурун
@26:13 the man said "He's back for legacy." Well he isn't fully wrong. Conor got the LEG out of Legacy.
Thurgood Jenkins
Thurgood Jenkins 19 күн мурун
Dustin definitely gonna be champ by the end of 2021
digonto zahid
digonto zahid 20 күн мурун
Conor is not one of the greatest of all time he is not even top 15 all time ...
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 7 күн мурун
Who said that he was? I didn't wanted to watch the video because I can guess what they are gonna say, since they are all fan boys that don't think with there brains but think emotionally like women.
lowlowseesee 20 күн мурун
i was looking at the comments and thinking TG and Brian both were on point......found out quickly brain is TG hahahah. damn thats awesome. always liked that guy
Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias 20 күн мурун
True Geordie was spot on all along, checkmate to the haters
Big Sucka
Big Sucka 20 күн мурун
Geordie was on point but in all honesty even hungry Connor doesn’t win he’s not fighting small 145 pound guys anymore these are big 155 monsters and at the top of the division in a much more competitive time
Mike R
Mike R 20 күн мурун
True Geordie is phenomenal! Should use him more… Love till and Dan as well!
Bluesrain cancun
Bluesrain cancun 20 күн мурун
I enjoyed watching the 5. Bring them all back.
Diego Raymondi
Diego Raymondi 20 күн мурун
Let's go Geordie great job
Ben Becs
Ben Becs 20 күн мурун
Please bring back all these guys for every one of these UFC events! Especially Brian!
Noah Price
Noah Price 20 күн мурун
So these guys are a bunch of McGregor ball gobblers
mcloving81 21 күн мурун
S o c i a l d i s t a n c i n g !
Arron Saavedra
Arron Saavedra 21 күн мурун
Love true Geordie
Prad G
Prad G 21 күн мурун
Never liked this geordie guy as he was always an illogical Conor fanboy. He earned my respect here. Kudos. Most realistic guy here even though he's the outsider.
Jude Ake
Jude Ake 18 күн мурун
Most of his UFC fight predictions has been correct
lowlowseesee 20 күн мурун
yeah he grew out of that fanboy stage. finally
eppsislike 21 күн мурун
Never let Brian go, BT. That dude is the most accurate.
Mich jesto
Mich jesto 21 күн мурун
Mi feckin foot ffs!! Lmao
Craig 21 күн мурун
True geordie the only 1 spitting facts. Made the professional pundits look like amatures
Z 21 күн мурун
Imagine if Logan paul fights conor and beats him as well. I dont think his ego could take it.
Amit K
Amit K 21 күн мурун
The biggest fanboy Brian, was the best on here. Rest all believed the hype. 1 win in 5 years vs the ghost cowboy cerrone.
Beautiful Relaxingsounds
Beautiful Relaxingsounds 21 күн мурун
True Gordie......BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!
sajjad hussain
sajjad hussain 21 күн мурун
ConnorPhotoUK 1
ConnorPhotoUK 1 21 күн мурун
True Gordie sitting with some lions and did himself proud. I’ve never understood the grief he gets
lowlowseesee 20 күн мурун
when millions are watching their will always be "grief". lot of stupid reactionary people out there hiding behind their computers.
Mrr93 21 күн мурун
Wow I'm looking at the comments now from before and it seems like all the TG haters deleted their comments...
Len Xbot777z
Len Xbot777z 21 күн мурун
Letz wrrreeestle..letz wreeeestle!
withnailll 21 күн мурун
Conor should, but won’t retire. The hunger, dedicated focus and fight time Dustin is putting in, gives him a massive advantage plus he knows how to beat Conor. At 33 and coming back from a bad injury while Dustin continues to improve. The only chance Conor would have would be to join a new camp where nobody acts like he is the king
Username 20 күн мурун
22-6 is such a bad record, max Holloway has a better record now, many fighters do, he’s no longer a goat and his legacy is tainted
NAATH NAATH 21 күн мурун
These are mostly excuses for Conor. Nothing else. Reality is,he was a bully,cutting tremendous amount of weight, fighting midgets at 145,had it all figured out. He's not got the cardio,the strength,the heart or the skill(wrestling/grappling)at 155.
Leon Tan
Leon Tan 21 күн мурун
Hold the camera steady. Seriously.
Mrtamps 21 күн мурун
TG was sick on this, predicted it better than anyone else and he deserves to be correct
Jeff Morris
Jeff Morris 21 күн мурун
Geordie had it nailed all along.
Jared Wilson
Jared Wilson 21 күн мурун
Just rewatched this. Brian did an excellent job.
Jake small
Jake small 21 күн мурун
True Geordie speaks facts.
Murad Jubeh
Murad Jubeh 21 күн мурун
we need more Geordie
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 21 күн мурун
All this hype before the fight but not a single review from any of ye ????????????????
xsp310 21 күн мурун
Saw this and thought nah there’s no way this is real
wagsbass 21 күн мурун
Geordie was right. Conor's fight career is over
Stewart Noel
Stewart Noel 21 күн мурун
Dan Hardy is Back
Winter C.
Winter C. 21 күн мурун
Uneducated analysis. Excuses and NARRATIVES. Spinning the past. Jokes. Look what happened. Conor got finished.
Bluesrain cancun
Bluesrain cancun 21 күн мурун
More Brian!
Bodhi chand
Bodhi chand 21 күн мурун
go on brian great on this!!
MASRR 21 күн мурун
True Geordie guys a McGregor nut hugger
The Menagerie
The Menagerie 21 күн мурун
Nyyk 21 күн мурун
Dusaetoire !
Dusaetoire ! 21 күн мурун
Tbh, Geordie did a better take compared to Hardy.
Mohib Javed
Mohib Javed 21 күн мурун
Criticising Brian is foolish, every fan is entitled to their opinion not just fighters, this idea that only fighters can talk about fighting is so outdated. There’s so many examples of elite sportsmen who are awful analysts like Michael Owen, George Foreman, people who love and watch the sport consistently have opinions just as valid as those who partake in that sport.
A P 20 күн мурун
But I personally enjoy watching these kind of things to get inside knowledge, advanced analytics etc etc. I didn't get anything useful or anything I don't already know as a fellow arm chair fan.
lowlowseesee 20 күн мурун
Yoh 21 күн мурун
And in the midst of all the hate of the so called internet experts, it was Geordie who was the most correct.
McLizards 20 күн мурун
Hindsight bias
A P 21 күн мурун
The most correct 🤣
Luke 21 күн мурун
Marcos Lomeli
Marcos Lomeli 21 күн мурун
Brian is the only reason I'm even here. Dan Hardy is cool too...
MrLukeRoach 21 күн мурун
When does Geordie engage with fans? Literally all of his comments are disabled lol
MrLukeRoach 20 күн мурун
@why the what about twitter?
why the
why the 20 күн мурун
@MrLukeRoach he does in his twitch streams. his twitch streams are mostly his fans, his yt comment sections are haters half the time
MrLukeRoach 21 күн мурун
@Nyyk literally in this video they do
Nyyk 21 күн мурун
@MrLukeRoach nobody said he does
MrLukeRoach 21 күн мурун
@Nyyk sure but dont act like he engages fans when he does the opposite
FanASStik 21 күн мурун
I like Dan hardy but he’s almost always wrong. His breakdown of Conor Khabib ore fight was a joke.
Prad G
Prad G 21 күн мурун
Just comes across as a fanboy. How he is a top analyst is beyond me. Refreshing to see true geordie keeping it real.
Carlos Blandon
Carlos Blandon 21 күн мурун
Brian was on point on this. I came back to watch this after watching his recent video, where he said he got a lot of hate for saying this. I had to come and watch. but he was right. Great analytics.
Iron Brotherhood
Iron Brotherhood 21 күн мурун
Geordie was speaking facts the whole time. I couldn’t believe Dan said Conor was the better martial artist after Dustin has literally been the one being a better martial artist the past 7 years. Geordie was a fan boy and looked at it objectively and was 100 percent correct on the outcome.
Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias 20 күн мурун
Our boi Geordie speaks two languages, english & facts
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt 21 күн мурун
@Ezra Przytyk on skill, this is how Poirier beat Coner thr last 2 times. There was no need for heart.
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt 21 күн мурун
I wish Dan would swallow everything he said.
A P 21 күн мурун
Regardless of the points made here, I'm struggling to understand how he was 100 percent right with the outcome. Unless he predicted a doctor's stoppage and a broken ankle I don't see how this makes any sense ?! Literally anyone who knows anything about MMA could come out and say McGregor will start fast and slow down later rounds with his best chance of winning being early on, and by doing so Dustin will then have more chance of winning the later the fight goes. None of this happened though in reality and sadly we didn't get to see what would have happened had the injury not occured
Nyyk 21 күн мурун
@Ezra Przytyk that‘s true
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 21 күн мурун
34:30 People hated TrueGeordie’s takes so much, just for him to be the most correct in his prediction 🤣
Unusual Kmc
Unusual Kmc 18 күн мурун
@A P imagine complaining about doctor stoppage when dustin was smeshing connor throughout the entirety of the first round, and at no point did McWifeinDMs have the upper hand 🤡🤡🤡
A P 19 күн мурун
@Phillip Hampton aye because he said McGregor would snap his leg and it would be a doctor's stoppage. 🤡🤡🤡
Phillip Hampton
Phillip Hampton 20 күн мурун
He literally nailed what happened to a T.
Joshua Imerson
Joshua Imerson 21 күн мурун
Facts bro
Zer0Diamonds 22 күн мурун
Ah yes, the famous KGglobalr, Darren Till.
Suraqa Ar
Suraqa Ar 22 күн мурун
Well well well
Renard Fox
Renard Fox 22 күн мурун
Welp, Brian absolutely nailed this fight right on the head.
Papyrus __
Papyrus __ 16 күн мурун
@All Gravy he predicted the Askren Paul fight when everyone was against him too. And that was just this year. I personally think he’s got a decent fight IQ, but what makes it better is his anecdotal experience
VampyCal TM
VampyCal TM 20 күн мурун
@All Gravy The broken clock analogy would've been better.
All Gravy
All Gravy 21 күн мурун
even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while
UTDJosh 22 күн мурун
coming back to this TG was spot on pretty much. this guy has a great brain for MMA
UTDJosh 22 күн мурун
@why the he’s quiet often very close to predicting it perfectly
why the
why the 22 күн мурун
his prediction was closer than the rest of the lot in my opinion. great prediction and analysis.
Willam Almanon
Willam Almanon 22 күн мурун
mang kanor is nothing but a hype
Jaime McPhie
Jaime McPhie 22 күн мурун
1:07 bobby firmino and klopp wants location
mab m
mab m 22 күн мурун
where did they find that Adam Catterall bloke? he is such a terrible interviewer with that gormless grin he has always got on. he makes every interview he does awkward as hell trying to be cool and saying man all the time. get rid BT. i am sick of that wet flannel interviewing ufc fighters.
Lexicdys 22 күн мурун
Bad take he’s one of the best
Nigel Dunn
Nigel Dunn 22 күн мурун
Dan Hardy an “expert “ please 😂😂😂 he always predicts a Conor win despite all Conor’s L’ s Don’t forget Dan’s predictions over Conor v Floyd
Prad G
Prad G 21 күн мурун
kelly elliott
kelly elliott 22 күн мурун
More importantly who won "The Battle of the Accents"
John P
John P 22 күн мурун
The subdued book spontaneously desert because flare ironically bolt like a tough underclothes. teeny-tiny, gaping cement
Raza Imam
Raza Imam 22 күн мурун
Matthew Shaba
Matthew Shaba 22 күн мурун
Conner is big mouth
Eltaahir Gaming
Eltaahir Gaming 22 күн мурун
I like this format
Timothy Jacobs
Timothy Jacobs 22 күн мурун
Nothing but a mouthpiece
Samuel Mervin
Samuel Mervin 22 күн мурун
LETS GO DUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!
Hud_Hastings 23 күн мурун
"Conor is back to show he is one of the goats".....won 1 lightweight fight ever in ufc
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor 14 күн мурун
@cian duggan he would never have beaten khabib if u have actually fought in this format i would understand the way khabib trap a fight used there own weight and movement against them is nothing short of genius
The Menagerie
The Menagerie 21 күн мурун
To be fair, I think his welterweight fights were basically against lightweights who didn't cut weight like Cerrone and Diaz.
cian duggan
cian duggan 21 күн мурун
Ran through the featherweights and the best performance in any MMA fight ever against Alvarez the mayweather fight and the money ruined him 2016 mcgregor beats any lightweight including khabib
Sine Curis
Sine Curis 23 күн мурун
Fake social distancing. No thanks
Sonny Shan
Sonny Shan 23 күн мурун
Times up for mcnuggets...his career is over as a mma fighter. I'd like to be the first to say proper bye 👋.
Ghxstie 23 күн мурун
Big up true geordie
Thrill of Battle
Thrill of Battle 23 күн мурун
Ok, I'll pick Poirier to win. Let's see who's right
rock dog
rock dog 23 күн мурун
Its red panty night tonight with proper 12.
Mike B
Mike B 23 күн мурун
26:45 Dustin is the favourite though. 34:05 He dropped Eddie multiple times at 155, and dropped Diaz multiple times at 170
Sean Kovarik
Sean Kovarik 23 күн мурун
Great breakdown! Unique style
Daniel Mclachlan
Daniel Mclachlan 23 күн мурун
Geordie can be proud, and Till is a legend haha have they had a podcast already?
Michael Metz
Michael Metz 23 күн мурун
Need this for every big card
Cory Jamal Cjaw
Cory Jamal Cjaw 23 күн мурун
They're extremly generous to McGregor. Not that it's surprising but it's interesting how little they attribute victory to Porier's superiority as a fighter, while discussing what was missing for Conor.
Oceanic815___ 23 күн мурун
I think Conor would of retired if he beat Khabib. I think this is Conor trying to make up for it.
chris george
chris george 23 күн мурун
WAR. He’s back for WAR!
WrestlePlanet 23 күн мурун
Crackin job, Brian.
Mr Trump
Mr Trump 23 күн мурун
Normally i hate getting youtubers involved for content because its just a cash grab popularity stunt however this was executed well done true geordie and bt
Noah Robson
Noah Robson 23 күн мурун
Well in Brian 👏
BIG EATTA 23 күн мурун
The fat guy wore the wrong pants
Javier Preciado Jr
Javier Preciado Jr 23 күн мурун
If mc gregor looses, hes going after diaz...
Donald Hall
Donald Hall 23 күн мурун
I really
Merchant of Seoul
Merchant of Seoul 23 күн мурун
Now that ariel joined BT im converted but this show is amazing
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast 23 күн мурун
Why is he back?....because he is a narcissist
Ani S7live
Ani S7live 23 күн мурун
I love this set up of fighters breaking down as the rest
Lewis Jay Gomes
Lewis Jay Gomes 23 күн мурун
Gar8 23 күн мурун
Danny looks like he's on the hash again
kevin 23 күн мурун
why tf is True Geordie here lmao
Dusaetoire !
Dusaetoire ! 21 күн мурун
To give a better analysis than the “experts”
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